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  2. Round-the-Clock Monitoring Helps Kraft Heinz Enhance Food Safety, Sustainability and Savings

Helping Kraft Heinz Enhance Food Safety, Sustainability and Savings

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For Kraft Heinz, one of the largest food and beverage companies in the world, food safety is paramount. That's why their central California plant looked to Ecolab to help them ensure consistent cleaning on every level - microbiological, physical and chemical. The aim was to implement proactive, effective and efficient solutions that would not only boost safety, but also drive more efficient use of resources.



Ecolab’s team of experts identified a solution: 3D TRASAR™ Clean-in-Place (CIP) Technology for two of the plant’s systems. The technology continuously monitors the controls that track the plant’s cleaning and sanitizing performance. It collects data directly from the plant’s Programmable Logic Controller via a smart box, which sends it to a secure server. Ecolab analysts translate the data into recommended corrective actions, which the customer and the on-site Ecolab account manager can then implement.

The technology identified and resolved a number of issues, including fixing a leak in the heat exchanger valve, reducing wash times, and lowering sanitizer chemical use by 50 percent. The combination of 3D TRASAR CIP Technology and Ecolab’s personalized service helped the plant achieve energy savings while enhancing food safety and reducing total costs by $244,000.

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